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We’re happy to help you. Call or email us for direct contact.

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Expenses and investments

Can I also make large capital investments via Tentoo?

Freelancers and performing artists who utilise Tentoo's payroll service can access the scheme to declare expenses via Tentoo and have these reimbursed tax-free out of their own earnings. It is also possible to organise capital investments for work purposes via Tentoo, using Equipment Services.

In summary, the term 'investment' means that an asset is purchased that has a working life of more than 1 year and is therefore written off over several years (usually 5 years) and cannot be treated as expenses. For example, the purchase of a computer, camera or musical instrument is considered an investment. The value of the investment must be at least 500 Euros excl. VAT. If you access the scheme as a freelancer / performing artist then, in addition to the VAT (BTW) amount, you also receive the amount that is written off each year tax-free (in the same way as with the expenses claim scheme).

This amount is divided over a period 5 years, 12 months of the year. As a result, it is only possible to apply this scheme if you are paid for assignments via Tentoo relatively often and over a long period. Tentoo charges an administrative fee and commission over VAT relating to the investment of 5%.

What expenses can be reimbursed using the expenses claim scheme?

All expenses relating to activities for which you are paid via Tentoo. This could include the use of your own car or van, but only if the vehicle is registered in your name.

Driven kilometers

A maximum of 19 eurocents per kilometer is reimbursed. The postcode of both the departure and arrival location must be stated on the declaration form. The date you worked and the date you drove the kilometers have to accord. If the kilometers were driven in case of a pre-meeting, job interview or such, this has to be clearly stated on the declaration form. Tentoo follows MapQuest for calculating the distance.

Car/bus rental

The rental fee of a car or bus can be reimbursed. Invoices must be made out to Tentoo. 

Public transport

Any incurred expenses can be reimbursed. Travelling dates must correspond to dates worked. If the kilometers were driven in case of a pre-meeting, job interview or such, this has to be clearly stated on the declaration form. Tentoo does need the copies of the original public transport tickets in order to reimburse the costs.


Expenses for purchased or hired equipment can be reimbursed if the equipment is necessary for a proper performance of your employment (necessity criterion). Purchases of more than 500 Euros, not including VAT, will be reimbursed via Stichting Equipment Services. If you would like to make use of this service, please contact our Service Desk at +31 (0)20 420 20 70 or via info@tentoo.nl 

Office equipment

Any costs you need to make in connection with your administration and/or performing an assignment can be reimbursed (necessity criterion).

Subsistence expenses (reimbursement of food/drink/accommodation)

Any expenses incurred for food, drink and accommodation purchased while performing your assignment can be reimbursed. The date of the assignment and the date of the expenses incurred must correspond. 73.5% of these expenses can be reimbursed. 

Telephone, mobile connection

50% of the invoiced amount will be reimbursed (call charges and subscription expenses). Invoices do not have to be made out to Tentoo.


50% of the invoiced amount will be reimbursed, less any subscription expenses. Invoices do not have to be made out to Tentoo.

Clothing and/or props

Only artists and stylists may declare clothing purchased for the purpose of an assignment. Expenses incurred for work clothing, costumes and suits will not be reimbursed. 

Personal care

The costs related to personal care for artists, make up artists and stylists are in principle deductible. But you do have to deduct any possible private savings first.

Example: if you have to go to the hair dresser for every performance, you have to deduct nine hair dresser appointments. These appointments (once every six weeks) are seen as customary by the Tax and Customs Administration. It depends on the nature of your activities what else could be seen as personal care.

Specialist literature/Conferences/Courses

Expenses you make with the purchase of specialist literature can be reimbursed. You can also reimburse costs for attending conferences and courses which are necessary to maintain and improve your knowledge and skills to perform your work.

Study and training costs

Costs for study and training can be reimbursed. But the necessity criterion apply to these costs. You have to able to prove that the study and/or training are necessary to perform your employment.


Expenses you make for visiting the theatre, cinema and museum can be reimbursed. You can declare 50% of 1 ticket for each theatre, cinema or museum visit.


How does the expenses claim scheme work?

If you incur various expenses that cannot be attributed to one specific assignment or client, you can make use of the expenses claim scheme. Being reimbursed tax-free for business expenses will increase your total net earnings. The reason for this is that your gross pay is lower resulting in lower wage deductions. However, lower gross pay can have a negative impact on any state benefits you may become entitled to at a later stage. Each time you are paid, an agreed percentage of your wage will be reserved. These amounts combine to form a reserve that can be used to reimburse you for business expenses. With each wage payment you will receive an overview informing you of the status of this reserve. To make use of this scheme you must have been paid for assignments via Tentoo with some regularity for at least 3 months. Only expenses relating to the work for which you are paid via Tentoo can be reimbursed to you tax-free. They also need to be relevant business costs. You claim the expenses incurred using Tentoo's expenses claim form. The original receipts must be addressed to Tentoo; this is because the expense receipts will be included in Tentoo's accounts. You will need to complete the following information on the expenses claim form:

  • Date
  • Specification of the expenses and the work to which they relate
  • Amount including VAT (BTW)
  • Amount excluding VAT (BTW)
  • VAT amount (BTW)

If the VAT amount is not stated on the receipt, you should only fill in the amount including VAT. If it is unclear, you can leave this box empty. We will complete it for you. The business expenses that can be claimed are set out below. If we receive receipts from you that do not satisfy the stated criteria (for example, providing valid copies), we will send these back to you.

How do I record expenses for a particular assignment?

If the expenses are associated with a specific assignment, they can be noted on the job sheet. In that case you will need to submit the original receipts for the expenses with this job sheet. The expenses will be paid out of the agreed invoice amount first and then the usual tax and contributions will be deducted from the remaining amount. The advantage here is that expenses are compensated tax-free, resulting in higher net pay.

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