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Payrolling for Freelancers

Tentoo’s payroll service makes it easy for you as a freelancer. The payroll service ensures you have a lighter administrative burden and fewer financial risks. You decide who you work for and at what rate, just like a genuine self-employed worker without employees (ZZP’er).

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Become an employed entrepreneur

With our payroll service, you combine entrepreneurship with the convenience of employment. You are put on Tentoo’s payroll. But you still decide who you work for and at what rate, just like a genuine self-employed worker without employees (ZZP’er).

Tentoo takes over all your administrative and financial obligations. Which leaves you with more time for your business!

Benefits of payroll services for freelancers:

  • You have your cash within 7 days;
  • Automatically insured for WW (unemployment), ZW (sickness) and WIA (occupational disability);
  • No Chamber of Commerce registration required, so you can start quickly;
  • You can work for a single client

Greater convenience, fewer risks

Because you are employed by us, you do not have to worry about invoicing or accounts receivable management. You always receive your cash from us quickly. Suffering a dip in your work supply or the flu? You are automatically insured with us for the Unemployment Insurance Act (WW), the Health Insurance Act (ZW) and occupational disability (WIA). That is not the case for a self-employed worker without employees. It is even possible to accrue pension. Now that is carefree entrepreneurship!

With a payroll service, you have complete freedom to do business; you do not require a Declaration of Self-Employment or Chamber of Commerce registration. Nor do you need a VAT number. So with the payroll service, you can get started quickly! Furthermore, unlike self-employed people, you can indeed work for a single client. You can even ‘hire’ personnel via the payroll service. Ideal for when you (temporarily) have too much work.

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Also for artists

Are you a working artist? Tentoo is a good match for artists. In fact, Tentoo’s origins are in the artistic sector!
We can help you with financial and administrative tasks, leaving you more time to focus on what you do best: creating the art you love to create.

We also provide payments within the scheme for performing artists.

Payroll for freelancers

Payroll service for freelancers like you

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Interested in finding out what Tentoo Freelance can do to enable you to do business carefree? We’re happy to help!

Fill in the form on the right and request a no-obligation offer for the payroll service for freelancers. Or, reach out to us at +31 (0)20 238 69 36 or

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