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Salary administration for SME

Handling the salary administration requires meticulousness and is very time-consuming. Or you could make it easy for yourself. If you outsource your salary administration to Tentoo, you are assured it is handled on time and correctly!

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Greater freedom, fewer obligations

Tentoo’s payroll service is all about convenience, flexibility and good service. We take over the task of paying your employees, including all the responsibilities and risks. With greater freedom and fewer obligations, you take a solid step towards carefree entrepreneurship.

Benefits of salary administration for employers:

  • Online insight into your salary administration 24/7;
  • A permanent contact who is an expert in his/her field;
  • App with alert function;
  • Simple leave and absence registration;
  • Employee Self Service (ESS);
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Outsourcing salary administration

By outsourcing your salary administration, you can keep more of your time to run your business. This saves you a lot of time. Not only in the performance of actual administrative duties, but also in keeping up with developments and changes in employment law and collective labour agreements. It is very reassuring to have Tentoo’s specialists take over your entire salary administration and ensure it is handled correctly and smoothly.

Outsourcing your salary administration to Tentoo is easy. You only need to supply the company and employee details and we can start!

Salary administration with a personal approach

Personal contact is important in salary administration. By knowing what kind of work your company performs, we can act proactively, for instance if changes are made to collective labour agreements. You can always phone us in the event of changes or questions. We are ready to talk to you and can resolve any problems immediately.

Salary administration with HR administrative support

Tentoo can also provide you with support for HR administrative duties. This helps you implement a perfect HR policy. We can offer you the following support:

  • Alert function for contract notice periods;
  • Alert function for expiring contracts;
  • Registration of sick leave in your Occupational Health and Safety portal;
  • Submission of data for sick leave insurance;
  • Submission of data for pension fund;
  • A free advisory interview with an HR professional once per year.

In addition to this, our app provides the possibility of Employee Self Service (ESS). This means that your employees can themselves request leave, amend details and view and download payslips and annual statements.

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Our salary administration is an interesting proposition for even a single payslip

The monthly costs of our salary administration are based on the number of payslips we provide for you. This makes our salary administration an interesting proposition for even a single payslip. We do not charge any extra costs for interim changes.

Salary administration: 29 years of experience

Tentoo’s salary administrators have been providing salary administration for entrepreneurs in the SME sector for 29 years. We take care of salary changes, payroll tax forms an payslips. Entrepreneurs who outsource their salary administration have more freedom to focus on their business operations. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know precisely how to ensure our clients can do business carefree.

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