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We’re happy to help you. Call or email us for direct contact.

Freelancers & Flex workers +31 (0)20 420 20 70 info@tentoo.nl
Employers +31 (0)20 524 60 52 klantenteam@tentoo.nl
New employer? +31 (0)20 723 09 53 sales@tentoo.nl


Being self-employed or working as a freelancer has many advantages. A lot of freedom and independence for example. In addition, it is very easy and affordable to subscribe for many insurances with Tentoo. 

First class insurance with a good discount

To support your carefree entrepreneurship, we offer you the best insurance policies. Insurance with excellent coverage and high quality service. To achieve this, we collaborate with insurance broker Jurrema & Hoogenbos.

Due to this partnership we negotiated attractive discounts on various insurances. 

For more information please call 020-422 12 70 or send us an email

Collective health insurance

In collaboration with ONVZ, Tentoo Insurances offers a collective health insurance scheme.

Tentoo believes that it is important for contractors, freelancers and clients to be healthy and vigorous, which is why it decided to go into collaboration with ONVZ in 2006. At the time, ONVZ was the insurer with whom the majority of all doctors and specialists were insured and had a very good reputation. ONVZ is still rated as the best health insurer (or one of the best) in independent customer satisfaction surveys. This is reflected in the fact that over 450 people have already taken out health insurance with ONVZ via Tentoo.

This year Tentoo Insurances is again able to offer a discount of 8% on the basic insurance package and 10% on extended cover. This means we can offer you the opportunity to take out excellent quality health insurance at a very competitive rate.

The main benefits of ONVZ:

  • Maximum freedom to choose your care provider or brand of medication
  • De Zorgconsulent: offers assistance with waiting-list mediation, second opinions, information and/or advice about healthy living, foods and exercise.
  • Information and advice about preventive courses
  • Optimal service and full package of extended cover options
  • Your current health insurance is cancelled on your behalf
  • MijnONVZ: access to your insurance details and claims online

Tentoo and ONVZ have also agreed that you will be accepted without question for all extended cover options up to 'Optifit' and 'Tandfit B'.

If you would like more information about cover and premiums, contact Tentoo Insurances on +31(0)20 422 12 70 or by email.


As a freelancer, or when you're self-employed, you work on your own income. This is one of the achievements that you have. For a sudden drop in your income, you may find it reassuring to take out an insurance for disability. You can do that easily and affordable.

Insurance in case of disability when you're self-employed

You are self-employed and joined Tentoo? Than you may find it interesting to know that the AOV is cheaper for you! To make this possible, we have signed a contract with De Amersfoortse.

The agreement we have with De Amersfoortse is handled by our partner J&H Verzekeringen.


Accidents can happen in the workplace. The financial consequences of injuring someone else or damaging their property can be significant. This makes it important to have good liability insurance. In general, your client will have liability insurance that covers you for most risks. But there's always the possibility that you will be held personally liable for injury or damage.

If you work as a freelancer/flex worker for external clients who don't have any relationship with Tentoo, we definitely recommend you to arrange a separate liability insurance for those activities. This removes all risk that you could be held liable for.


For everyone on our payroll, we offer a unique service to help you arrange a mortgage.

Tentoo Insurances made arrangements with banks to give people who are payrolled by Tentoo the same advantages as people in permanent employment. No hassle of having to provide detailed accounts, you are simply regarded as a 'normal employee' with a fixed income. Sometimes a mortgage can even be arranged for a freelance employee who has only been payrolled by Tentoo for a short period. You too can own your own home!

At the moment we can offer you a mortgage with an extra interest discount of 0.1%, which means you could save up to 0.6% on your interest! We also arrange a free valuation of the home you are buying. This can save you thousands of Euros and a great deal of time and effort.

Many freelancers, flex workers and self-employed individuals (zzp’ers) have already arranged their mortgages through us, so we're now regarded as experts in the field. Perhaps we can open up the possibility of buying a home for you too!

If you are interested in taking advantage of our advice and service, contact us for more information. Or make an appointment with one of our specialists.

Email us on hypotheken@tentoo.nl or call +31(0)20 422 12 70


As a freelancer/flex worker or a self-employed individual (zzp'er) you make little or no contribution to a pension. You need to organise your pension yourself. There are many ways to do this: using a savings product offered by the bank, put money into a savings account, hide your money under the bed, invest in stocks and shares and the list goes on and on. The disadvantage of the methods mentioned so far is that there's no tax advantage, in fact you will have to pay tax on the money you've saved.

If you want to save for a pension, the best way is to put your money into an annuity scheme. This scheme will ensure that you receive regular payments from your 65th birthday onwards. The premiums you pay are tax deductible. This means that the taxman pays part of your premium.

An annuity scheme needs to be tailored to your personal situation. Tentoo Insurances can ensure that your pension arrangements correspond with your individual needs and wishes.

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